September’s edition of the Pediatric Speech Therapy Newsletter takes a detailed look at What is Pediatric Dysphagia?


Dysphagia is the inability of food or liquid to pass easily through the mouth, throat,
and esophagus into the stomach during the process of swallowing . If left untreated, pediatric dysphagia can cause long-term consequences. A speech-language pathologist will work with a family to create the most appropriate treatment plan for a child.


Our second story this month covers What is Core Vocabulary Therapy?  Core vocabulary therapy is an intervention approach used by speech therapists to help children improve how they process speech sounds.  It looks for a child to produce selected words to the best of their ability.


Here’s the full rundown for our September 2018 issue:

  • What is Pediatric Dysphagia?

  • What is Core Vocabulary Therapy

  • Ask a Therapist: How Do Ear Infections Affect Speech and Language?

  • App of the Month: Bamba Birthday Cake

  • Speech Therapy Spotlight: Deborah Esquivel, MA, CCC-SLP


Happy reading!



Charity Crossley

Academic Program Coordinator

Digital Media Coordinator