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Speech Therapy

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Who We Are

Our mission is to create positive, life-changing results in speech, language, and education.

Professionals You Can Trust

Aspire therapists are licensed by the State of California and participate in ongoing education and skill development. We also have multiple bilingual therapists that can provide therapy in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

25 Years of Service and Counting

Founded in 1995 by Kathryn Wage, Aspire Speech and Learning Center has served thousands of clients in Fresno and its surrounding areas.

Research-Backed Practices

Aspire utilizes innovative programs that have been proven very effective in repeated scientific studies. We are known for delivering high-quality therapy that produces life-changing results.

The Latest From Our Blog

Oh, Say Can You See?

In the area of communication, listening, understanding, and expressing ourselves in spoken, sign, or written language are paramount. How much, though, is focused on seeing and observing? One of the most important things I learned in preparation to become a...

Creating the Need to Talk

One of the most exciting times in a baby’s development is when the parent begins to understand what baby is trying to say. This happens as jargon becomes interspersed with approximations of words.  Once a parent, sibling or caregiver begins to understand some of...

Strategies to Develop Early Language Skills

As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Your interactions with your child are critical to all areas of development. One of these strategies that parents can use to aid development of early language skills is Parallel-Talk. In Parallel-Talk,...

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Parent Testimonials

“My son has been participating in the Fast ForWord program for over six months. He has issues with focusing and paying attention in class. His teacher has told us he has really improved and matured over these past months. His reading level has also gone up. The games are fun and challenging, and he really likes to play them.”

— Marsha Alves

“My son has been attending for more than 6 months. His communication skills have improved beyond what I expected! Friends and family also see his improvements. I appreciate and I am thankful for the professional staff who are making a difference in my child’s life!”

— Suzy Brambila (on Facebook)

“In February 2007, our loved one was diagnosed with Autism, and our family began the journey of transformation. We wanted early intervention in a compassionate environment with skilled professionals and cutting edge options. Aspire Speech & Learning Center satisfied all these desires. Our family feels blessed to have found this one stop service provider.”

— M. Isabel Castellanos

“Kira is a high functioning autistic child who has experienced difficulties with expressive communication, reading and writing. We live on a remote island where very limited services are available. The staff very graciously arranged a program to provide services, individualized to her needs, during the summer while we were visiting family in the area.”

— Carol Darlow

Her GPA at the time was approximately 1.4.  She was not going to graduate from Middle School. She started Fast ForWord on March 30, 2015.  In two months, when school ended, she had a 2.62 GPA.  There were no other changes in her routine. Just Fast ForWord for half an hour, 5 days a week. She has had so many interventions over the years, and nothing has really made a difference.  Until Fast ForWord.”

— Jeanette Newquist

“Awesome staff! Debbie is a very great therapist. So gentle and patient in teaching. I love to stay and watch so I can learn from Debbie’s teachings. They have the office set for the kids of most ages. They sometimes have coffee and treats. Very satisfied every time I leave.”

— Sonya Z. (on Yelp)

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