Aspire Blog, June 11,2020

In this time of the corona virus, all of us are feeling the anxiety and stress of the times, even the children in the family. Here is a little food for thought for parents.


  1. Show affection. Let your children know they are loved. Hug your children often.
  2. Build your child’s self-esteem. Listen to their needs and help them develop their own problem solving skills. Treat them as individuals with their own special qualities. Encourage their interests and abilities.
  3. Children spell love…TIME. At some time during the day, give your children your undivided attention. Give them a chance to talk about the happy and scary events in their lives. Let them know that you understand their concerns and that you always have time for them. Let them know that they are safe with you.
  4. Use humor and empathy, not orders, anger or sarcasm when asking your child to do something.
  5. Provide a feeling of security for your children by establishing some daily routines like a relaxing dinner in the evening or bedtime story.
  6. Exercise regularly. Finding activities that can be done as a family, something that has a real interest to your children as well as to yourself. Getting out in the fresh air makes us all feel better.
  7. It is important to remember that children have problems too and feel the stress of the times. They need the same kind of love, patience and understanding that we all need. Remember, you as their parent, are their daily role model and can truly help them through these stressful times. *

Interestingly, these ideas were complied from the National Parent Teacher’s Association Bulletin, 1989. Times and events may change but common sense remains the same.

Author – Lorraine Bukilica, M.A.
Speech Pathologist
Aspire speech and Learning Center