Bubbles are happiness in a bottle. Those magic bubbles are known to change the attitude of a shy, reluctant child or one that just needs an attitude adjustment. They can be a good distraction, a fun playtime activity, or work as a reward.

Because a child’s play is his work, bubbles are a great fun way to play with your child while building language skills.

Beginning with just opening the bottle and stressing “o-o-open”, your child is hearing an action word. Other words that can be introduced in bubble play: “pop,” “blow,” “catch,” “stomp,” “float,” “up,” and “down.” Children enjoy fun sounds. Saying these words with vocal variations and gestures will help your child understand and remember. “POP’ said with lots of enthusiasm and animation, and “UP, UP, UP,” with voice variation will help your child learn and remember. Soon they will be trying to repeat these words.

As you play with your child, just blow the bubbles up and down and all around. Talk about where the bubbles go and what your child can do. “Bubbles go up, up, up,” “Bubbles come down,” “Bubble on hand,” Bubble on hair,” Bubble on tummy,” Catch the bubbles,” “Stomp on the bubble,” “Pop with your finger.” Not only are you using action words but also awareness of body parts. Just have fun blowing bubbles everywhere, and talking about the actions as you play together.

Bubble play can come in all sizes, from small bottles of bubbles to large trays and wands that make gigantic bubbles; probably better as an outdoor play!

Whatever the activity, your child will love his bubble play and just spending time with you, the most important part.