Summer vacation is a time both kids and teachers long for after a year of instruction. It involves waterparks, road trips, and all the time to do as they please. However, once they are back in the classrooms, kids seem to have forgotten a few things. 

Summer learning loss, also known as the summer side, I promise it is not as fun as it sounds, is an unfortunate byproduct of summer vacation. The issue first came up in a paper back in 1906 and showed a troubling pattern. It seems that whenever kids come back from summer break, they are scoring lower on reading and math assessments than they had before leaving school. Studies show that kids can lose up to even 50% of what they learned. Unfortunately, some kids do not have 50% to spare, as they may already be behind due to other confounding factors. 

So what can be done? Aspire has a few at-home computer/tablet programs that can improve: attention, brain speed, memory, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and much more. You would be surprised to see the change that even 30 minutes, three times a week, can make.

Then for those who prefer a more academic environment, there are summer tutoring programs. With Aspire Learning Academy’s research-based programs and tutors that are passionate about education, your child will be able to overcome any hurdle. With one-on-one tutoring, children can have a specialized curriculum to address the root causes of their academic difficulties.