Working at aspire for almost 3 years now, I’ve gained perspective on education as a whole. Tutoring provides opportunities that many students need to achieve their full potential. Teachers in schools do their best to cater to their pupils, but they often don’t have time to see to the needs of every individual and give them the attention they need. If the student is falling behind or has a learning difficulty, it can become impossible for them to keep up with common core in a conventional learning environment.

This is the primary advantage of tutoring. Students get what equates to an hour of class time focused entirely on one of the subjects that they are struggling with. While under the supervision of a single educator, giving them their sole undivided attention. In this tutoring environment, the student is given everything they need.

Are they behind on homework? We can keep them focused and look over their answers. Is the assignment confusing? We can walk them through it. Do we need to review a previous subject before fully understanding the current one? We can drop everything and switch gears. The whole while giving the personal attention and emotional support that young developing minds need to grow. We develop relationships with our clients as we prepare them for their future in a way they can’t get in an often impersonal classroom.

Tutoring is for everybody. The youngest client I’ve worked with was three years old, and the oldest was 74. We have addition and subtraction books, algebra worksheets, one-page word lists to multiple-paragraph comprehension practice books. Also, if we don’t have something, a good tutor will be sure to get it and have it ready for the next session.