Whatever sport your child becomes involved in, be it basketball, baseball, swimming, volleyball, etc., it provides multiple benefits. Not only will your child learn to play cooperatively, communicate, work as part of a team, develop self-confidence, and develop friendships, but participating in team sports is a wonderful benefit to the brain and body as well. Exercising becomes more consistent when involved in a team sport because of daily practice. Regular exercise helps the heart increase blood flow, and studies show that people with greater blood flow from the heart also tend to have a larger brain volume. Our bodies were made to move, and we know we need oxygen to survive. With focused exercise, our heart beats faster, pumping oxygen to our brain and body so that it can perform to its maximum.

Young people feel the stress of the times. Pressures of school and the ever-present Covid regime can affect our mood and ability to function. This social-emotional competence can be addressed through exercise. Through physical movement, we increase the levels of brain chemicals such as serotonin and other natural chemicals that help us feel less stress and boost our mood. Exercise is a tremendous positive behavior support plan. It’s the best natural high we can have.

Participating in organized sports in early year-end through high school can help kids develop habits that can last a lifetime. In addition, continuing to exercise through various avenues can help to promote a more healthy lifestyle with a more positive outlook on life.