Advocate. Amplify. Aspire. Our team couldn’t think of a better way to describe our mission and our intention every day. Whether we are a speech therapist, tutor, or the front office staff who greets you on the phone and at the door, we each aspire to be an advocate and amplify others’ voices. As a staff, we have thought long and hard about the role that we play in the institutionalized racism and implicit biases in our nation that has come into focus this year. In addition to continuing education and personal reflection, we have decided to take a path of action that aligns with what brought us to this profession in the first place. 

This month we are unveiling a new Aspire T-Shirt featuring the following phrase: Advocate, Amplify, Aspire… Because everyone deserves a voice. Unlike our previous shirts, which were provided as a courtesy to clients and staff, this t-shirt is a fundraising effort for our Little Free Library project. Every Neighborhood Partnership has aligned with Little Free Libraries to bring these pop-up literacy hubs to life in Fresno and Clovis. The Aspire Team is funding a Little Free Library in a neighborhood near our office. This library will be stocked with books that represent a diverse array of cultures with the intent of providing families with free resources to start conversations about diversity and to ensure that every child’s experience is represented in their literature. We will also be accepting donations of children’s literature.

These fundraising t-shirts are available for purchase immediately and will cost $20.00. We believe the most vital tools against racism and ignorance are education and representation. Thank you for your continued support as we try to make a difference in our local community.