It is time to change our name.  Not because we are changing who we are, but because we have done something very well and want to reflect our dedication, passion, and energy in a new name that inspires us, and will inspire you also.


Aspire Speech & Learning Center has the same highly qualified staff, the same individualized attention to each client, and the same location at the California Learning Connection. We will continue to provide the exceptional therapy and educational support services you have come to expect. Only our name has changed to reflect our continued commitment and exceptional focus on success for each client in speech, language, and learning.


We will miss the Center for Communication Skills name, but when you have been doing something for 20+ years, it is time to pause and reflect on where you are now.  


So much has been accomplished, I really cannot believe that it has been that many years since opening the Center for Communication Skills, but it has.  


During that time we have pioneered new treatments in speech and learning in the Fresno area, including:

  • The first to introduce neuroscience training for language processing disorders through the Scientific Learning Corporation. Since 1996, when we accepted our first Fast ForWord clients, more than 3000 young clients in the Fresno area have participated in all or part of the training improving their language processing and reading comprehension.  

  • We were the first to offer co-treatment for autistic children who needed both occupational therapy and speech-language therapy as a combined service.  The results of this joint effort are hard to duplicate when the therapies are separate.

  • We have added services including specialized tutoring for students with dyslexia and dyscalculia, assessment and training in assistive technology, and assessment and treatment for myofunctional disorders and Childhood Apraxia of Speech. 

  • We are able to offer therapy in Spanish and Persian now.

  • Our therapists come from many training institutions throughout the United States and share their diversity in therapy approaches and skills, thereby enriching our knowledge and approaches in therapy.

  • Our tutors and interns have joined other professionals in our community and shared the knowledge and expertise that they have honed at our center.


I can hardly wait to see what the future will bring to the work that we love.  We will be ready for the next 20 years of growth, dedication, and service to our clients.  


Welcome to Aspire Speech & Learning Center.

Kathryn Wage, Director/Founder


Kathryn Wage 

Director and Founder