As homeschooling continues on for your kids, they may need some personal, one-on-one assistance with their homework and learning; time and connection with teachers is limited! We can help with some of that work that you, the parent, have been filling in for the teacher. Whether your child needs homework help or strengthening in any subject or grade level, our team can provide face-to-face virtual tutoring sessions.

The platforms we use work excellently as an alternative option to in-person sessions. The online service allows your child to video chat with us, while still engaging in programs, such as Barton Reading & Spelling System, Math-U-See, and Handwriting Without Tears. These are the same programs that were being provided in person and can be just as effective in our online sessions. Each child can see us, hear us, and view the materials. We can also screen share and interact with your child’s homework. We are as helpful through the screen as we are in person.

The virtual tutoring process may seem a bit strange at first, but we have found that kids remain engaged and enjoy this system. You can easily view the methods and techniques being taught that can help them with the homeschooling process. The student can follow the tutor’s instructions, do the work on their own piece of paper, or on the screen with the tutor. We interact with materials and use verbal and visual methods to improve learning.

Online tutoring is an excellent option for kids learning at home, doing the same material we would in person. They can learn, engage in fun activities, and overall enjoy what online tutoring brings. It has been a successful experience for many students of all ages and temperaments. Online tutoring is something fun and new for everyone and may be the perfect fit for you.

-Written by Govanna Carrion, Academic Enrichment Tutor