We’re excited to announce yet another exciting resource for parents and professionals alike! The Pediatric Speech Therapy Newsletter is a new monthly newsletter that will cover speech and language topics in a clear and concise manner. 


Regular features will include Ask a Therapist, where one of our speech therapists answers a parent’s question about common speech issues, App of the Month, where we highlight an app that has proven helpful in therapy at our center, and Speech Therapy Spotlight, where we will get to know one of our talented Speech-Language Pathologists better.


We are also offering free paper copies of the newsletter in our office for anyone who would like them. If you would like a stack of these newsletters for your professional office, give us a call at (559) 228-9100 or contact us online, and we’ll provide them for you free of charge!


Our November 2017 issue is available now! Features this month include:

  • How to Teach the Initial /s/ Sound

  • How Cerebral Palsy Affects Speech in Early Childhood

  • Ask a Therapist: How long do children typically exhibit final consonant deletion?

  • App of the Month: Endless Reader

  • Speech Therapy Spotlight: Kathryn Wage, MA, CCC-SLP

Let us know what you think of our new newsletter in the comments below!



Kurt Dragomanovich

Digital Media Coordinator