Better late than Never!


Thank you for checking out our blog! March’s edition of the Pediatric Speech Therapy Newsletter may be a little past its due date, but the information contained within is still fresh!


We take an in-depth look at how Autism can affect a child’s conversational skills. Though the effects vary from child to child, some common symptoms exist, such as repetition of words/phrases, echolalia, trouble deciphering nonverbal cues, and highly specific areas of interest that can impact conversation maintenance.


Our other main story is of great use to parents looking to work with their children on speech skills at home. Helpful charts, fun games, and targeted questions to ask your children all can encourage them to use the speech skills that they need to master!


Here’s the full rundown for our March 2018 issue:

  • How does Autism affect a child’s Conversation Skills?

  • Working Speech into Daily Routines

  • Ask a Therapist: What are some ways to teach vowel sounds?

  • App of the Month: Choiceworks

  • Speech Therapy Spotlight: Kristin Flannigan, MA, CCC-SLP


Happy reading!



Kurt Dragomanovich

Digital Media Coordinator