Congratulations! You made the team. Now the tricky part starts, “how to be a great teammate.” Here are some tips:

• Encourage: When your teammates make mistakes be the first one to encourage them. You can tell them things like, “You’ll get that shot next time.” or “Don’t worry, we’ll get the next one.” or “Great good shot, too bad the goalie got it.”
• Observe: Remember, you have other teammates that deserve a chance to play too. If you see a teammate that’s not being given opportunities to join in, be the one to give them a chance.
• Help: When you see a teammate struggling, be the first one to offer support for them to improve and stay safe.
• Be flexible: Try new positions to help make the team better and stronger. The coach will try out players in different positions to make the best team overall.
• Communicate: Be clear and be kind in your communication. Talk with your teammates while you are playing, so everyone knows what is going on.